Prinergy font problems

I have been coming across some font issues after refining pages in Prinergy where fonts will come out as boxes. Does anyone know what causes this?

I am new to prinergy and have not had any training, just learned by myself after losing our prepress guy. I have always used rampage in the past and never had any of the numerous issues i have come across with Prinergy. It seems like I'm crossing my fingers every time i send a file into the rip. I asked the previous prepress guy a few times with issues on common customers and he said he would just bypass the rip altogether...:confused:

Stephen Marsh

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Impressions, this is probably like the blind leading the blind...but here goes:

What are the input files? PostScript or PDF?

Are the fonts correctly embedded in the input file?

Did the previous operator mean that he would input files into Prinergy using a "bypass refine process tempate" as opposed to a regular refine/normalization process template?

In Prinergy Workshop, go to help/online help and look up workshop user guide/refining/fonts

Stephen Marsh
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Joe Duffy

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Assuming the pdf is not a exported from Publisher or some other wonderful Microsoft Office answer and even if the fonts are embedded, it could be that they are those wonderful FREE fonts people like - I have fought those numerous times.
Convert to outlines even yielded wierd space results. I always exported as a TIFF at 1200 dpi and placed in InDesign and re-pdf. Not a great solution but it would get it off my desk.


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Are the fonts correctly embedded in the input file?
Stephen Marsh

I would also guess this is the problem. If the font (of a subset of the used glyphs inside the font) aren't embedded, then the result (in Acrobat, in RIPs) will be indeterminate. Prinergy should be erroring if this is the case, but perhaps there's something odd going on with the files you're receiving.
I agree it is probably the fonts not embedded properly. It seems like it usually occurs in a poorly designed PDF ad in the middle of a booklet, making it hard to catch sometimes. Usually converting to outlines works fine, I just wasnt sure if there was anything in the rip that could help.

Stephen - the input files are PDFs and the previous operator would sometimes import the PDFs straight into preps without sending them into the rip first.


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I wouldn't mind taking a look at the file. Might be able to provide some further diagnostics. PM if interested.



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The only time I ever saw anything like this was when my Acrobat Distiller was manually told not to embed specific fonts when converting an EPS file into a PDF. But I don't think we got boxes in the place of type. We just got a default font. Myriad Pro I want to say. Check your Acrobat Distiller settings? Perhaps set a given font to never be embedded.


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If you know the font thats giving you trouble then install it in the job.
Open the job, got to tools menu and choose font converter. Install the fonts in the job not globally.
Hope this helps
Rob T


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