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We have a KM 6500 with a PR6500 version 1 rip. I am pretty new at digital printing, so please bear with me on my ability to communicate correctly. We had a color job that we ran from indesign. We merged a excel file to 4 up 12 x 18 sheet. We were only merging names that printed on an identical certificate. The problem is that it will only spit out 4 sheets per minute??? Is there a more efficient way to process larger color files using data merge?...the file was only 4mb, but it processes 4mb each time it prints a sheet. The 6500 should and can blast 60 or so a minute if you send without the data there a better setup that we can use to produce more per minute? If anybody has any info to get me goin the right direction... please any hardware... I am curious what types of workflow everybody uses to achieve faster production.


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Re: Print Speed/Processing Speed Data Merge etc...

Actually matt we were running from Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional with Fusion Pro Desktop 4.2

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