Printing Office transparency and brightness and contrast


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Hello everyone,

For the life of me, I can't get an acceptable workaround to print Microsoft Publisher transparency nor Microsoft Word objects that use Brightness and Contrast. I use PDFMaker plugin to get Adobe to make the PDF. Maybe I'm wrong in these instances by doing this.

The Microsoft workaround (altered by me to use PNG after reading another forum) for printing Microsoft Publisher transparency is to copy the transparency object (or group if more than one object affected), and to 'Paste Special' as Picture (PNG). Reposition and then PDF/X-1a. This allowed me to get a job out this morning, so it's useable, but not optimal by any means.

So I looked at some jobs in the past that I had to get out from Word that used Brightness and Contrast. The above workaround didn't work (didn't keep the appearance). So I remember on one of these past jobs I rebuilt in InDesign to match the appearance. Another job I decided to take a screen shot of the Word window only (Alt + Print Screen) and pasted into InDesign and scaled to match intended size. Again, this allowed me to get the job out, so it's useable, but not optimal by any means.

Any suggestions or recommendation on making PDF's out of Office when using transparency or brightness and contrast to keep the intended color and appearance?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Printing Office transparency and brightness and contrast

Do you have Office 2007? I wonder if Microsoft's new built-in pdf-making works any better.

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