Printing problem , labels .


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Hi .
I am facing some problems with printing labels on one old SM74 Cptronic 1.04 .
The printer guy says the problem is from plates, and i say the problem is on your press machine .

The printer is complain about the labels from the middle are different from the left and right side .
The press sheet is 640x450, completed filled with the same PDF file .
I have checked the plates with a plate densitometer and on all sheet the values are ok .
I don´t have any difference on plate . I even create on job 20 % on all plate size and the result is ok .
Attached there are some images from one printed job, with 20 %, 4 color.
I ask any printer expert to check is the printed job is ok .
I can see some differences there but i cant explain if they are right or not .

here is the link for the files : Download from - send big files the easy way

Why i can´t upload files here in Printplanet i allways get error "uploade failed" ??

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With out looking at your files and just guessing by the description, it sounds like the rollers on the press are getting bad. The rollers get flared out on the ends and the middle sucks in. Only a guess.


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Hi,since I check the file you attached, I believe that the reasone of this problem is Rigestration, the printer have misrigestration on both side of the sheet, let him adjust the rigester and then check again,,,

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