Problem with dark lines on film output on Mako 56


New member
Hello everyone, I have come to my wits end trying to figure out the source of these faint dark lines on film output from my MAKO 56 (bought brand new two years ago). The scratch images that come out are faint but dark enough to come out on plates, and subsequently on print. The distance between these lines are equal although the lines don't show up all the time. First few that come out of the processor, say C,M and Y are scratch image free but all other files after the first three have these scratches with increasing saturation.

Please help!


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Are the lines oriented in the same direction as the travel of film through the imagesetter and processor? Is the film a new roll or close to the end of the roll? How old is the film?

If you can, do two tests: 1) image film on your imagesetter and have someone else develop it, and 2) have someone else image film and run through your developer.

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