Process Template to print to Xerox Phaser 7400


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We got a couple Xerox Phaser 7400's... really nice printers. I am able to print to them out of Finder. For example I can open a PDF out of Prinergy and then print to 8.5x11 or 12x18. I am trying to setup a process template to print loose page proofs to 8.5x11 and 12x18 and I am not having any luck getting files to print properly. I am sending EPS raster. I have setup the printer on our Prinergy server and I am able to print to it out of prinergy, but it will only go to 8.5x11 and the image area is never centered right no matter what changes I make.

Any help would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.


Re: Process Template to print to Xerox Phaser 7400

Is your process plan setup for cutsheet size? I have other Xerox printers setup using an eps raster like you describe. They center and backup fine to the 8.5 x 11 size. I tried to attach a process plan but the forum doesn't like zip files

If the cutsheet doesn't do it you will likely need to look at the print edge to edge settings in the shared printer itself. You have to change this setting in two places in the printer. I have found that this will tend to make things be off by .125-.25 inch when backing up.

One other problem I had was only fixed by rebuilding the process plan from scratch. Not a save as. Made no sense to me but Kodak suggested that and with identical settings to a non working process plan all began behaving.

Good luck


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Re: Process Template to print to Xerox Phaser 7400

I still have not set this up correctly. I can't get 12x18 to print out Prinergy.

Dan, please let me know if you get yours setup.


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Re: Process Template to print to Xerox Phaser 7400

We have a 7750GX, and I can configure it so the default is 12 x 18 from the MP tray for any job. It might be easier to configure the printer default rather than the system driving it.



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Re: Process Template to print to Xerox Phaser 7400

I finally figured this one out. Probably the hardesting thing I've had to setup since we got Prinergy. Thanks Microsoft. I'm not a Windows fan and this is why.

I had to setup two Windows printers one for 8.5x11 and one for 12x18 and force them to print to their specific tray. Not a problem... I understand why I had to do that. The problem was I had to set that in two places that looked identical. I think one was called the Print Preferences and the other Printing Defaults. Whatever... it's done. We can now print from Prinergy to both sizes and duplex.


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Re: Process Template to print to Xerox Phaser 7400

Wow. That's good information. I had to give up on mine for the time being as IT was rearranging what server lived in what building. <_<

I'm hoping to get this set up today or tomorrow. I hear you on the multiple places for preferences. I ran into that already while setting up our Iris 43 Wides. Stoopid MS.

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