Project Manager of Certification Programs at IDEALLIANCE in Alexandria, VA



Job Summary:

The Project Manager of Certification Programs will assist with certification training programs for both new and existing initiatives and is highly customer service focused. The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating and managing the development of new certification programs and the maintenance and expansion of existing certification programs, including design, development and administration and related communities*.
*Note: “Communities” are online forums that represent every facet of our organization where members ask questions, post discussions, access member resources, and connect with other members.

The Project Manager will report directly to the Director of Global Print Media Markets & Technologies and will work closely with members, prospective members, international affiliates, consultants, and association staff, to understand the industry’s current and prospective certification needs across systems, processes, and professionals. The Project Manager works closely with staff and members to ensure the association's strategies,
missions, and budgetary goals are achieved through the certification programs. This position requires tact, sensitivity, professionalism, strong collaboration skills, and a high aptitude for learning. The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating certification training events, qualification programs, and related programs for new and existing initiatives, including alignment and communication with course attendees, trainers, and association staff. This position requires the capacity to understand a multitude of
internal and external systems and how they interact including databases, accounting requirements, and websites. This position requires the ability to collaborate on process improvement efficiency with other members of the staff of these systems in order to reduce long term costs and enhance user experience related to certification training programs.

The Project Manager’s time will be primarily divided into these key areas:
• 70% Certifications – Training & Qualification Programs for Systems, Process, and People
• 15% Program Oversight & Processes including community groups, learning platform, and database
• 10% Support for International Affiliate Program
• 5% Other Programs as Assigned
Responsibilities and Duties

1. Project manage by working cross function with operations and other teams all new and existing certification training programs, collaborating on their design, development.
2. Develop program plans that address maintenance planning, scheduling,prioritization, and budgeting of development processes.
3. Assist with product development teams, comprised of volunteers, experts, and members, to ensure product effectiveness and member acceptance.
4. Serve as staff liaison for certifications, interfacing with program consultants, members, and testing facility administrators of programs.
5. Provide input for the training development and production process (i.e., marketing, logistics, and registration).
6. Collaborate with Supervisor, Communications, Marketing, Operations, and Sales staff to coordinate programs’development,launch,marketing, and sales activities.
7. Gain a deep understanding of programs in order to effectively communicate certification program value and provide customer service.
8. Collaborate on writing, reviewing, and editing program documentation.

General and Administrative

1. Maintain personal productivity and quality standards that attract financial returns for the association.
2. Counsel senior staff on improvements to enhance association profitability and operational efficiency.
3. Provide excellent service to members and course attendees
4. Maintain a positive attitude in meeting and achieving program and Association goals.
5. Ability to juggle multiple priorities while keeping to timelines and priorities.
6. Support association members, as well as committee and working group leadership in dissemination of agendas, announcements, and program materials
7. Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor that reflects the association’s commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and respect for individuals.
8. Keep abreast of industry trends and new technologies.
9. Research and recommend improvements and improved communications and marketing for programs.
10. Support the association’s strategies for increasing membership and for maintaining and improving communications with existing and future members by help to expand programs.
11. Represent the association at specified training courses and industry events, when called upon.
12. Assist with development and maintenance of web based systems and streamlining workflows.


1. High energy, collaboration, and organizational skills to work effectively in a team setting and focus on desired outcomes.
2. Works independently to evaluate and manage concurrent processes and projects to meet established goals, deadlines, and quality standards.
3. Possession of effective interpersonal and customer service skills including to convey policies and procedures clearly.
4. Excellent ability to analyze and write technical documentation for proofreading and editing.
5. Solid computer software skills including, Microsoft Suite, database (preferably IMIS), collaboration, communities, and workflow processing.
6. Minimum of 7 to 10 years of experience in technical support, project management, or certification/training development in either visual and graphic communications and/or association.
7. Understanding and experience with certification and instructional design and development preferred.
8. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, or technical discipline preferred.

Working Conditions

1. Appearance at all times must represent the association image.
2. Fast paced environment: subject to numerous schedule and priority changes and short notice activity.
3. Must possess or be able to obtain a valid passport.
4. There is a requirement for some travel both nationally and internationally. (Minimal)
5. The position may require hours outside the standard 9 to 5 hours.

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