Proofing Software or Website to send our clients proofs.

Looking for suggestions on using a proofing software that would allow us to track our proofs and send email reminders to clients. A way to see all outstanding proofs, revisions required, etc...
Right now we are emailing pdfs and updating an excel sheet. problem is emails get lost and excel can't send reminders..

We create proofs , just a need a software or program that can help. we send about 200 to 350 proofs a day.

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Do you have an MIS system or prepress workflow system with a proofing component and or web portal? With that volume of proofs you should be looking for as much automation of key steps as possible, with a web server that sends emails to clients with the PDF or other proofing asset being viewed or downloaded from the server.

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WebCenter from Esko does exactly that, and more.
Here's a brief overview of the approval process although there have been some dramatic improvements since this vid was created. WebCenter does notify by email (with links that take the approver directly to the document webpage), and will send a reminder to the approver if the approval is late according to the lead time you decide. It can easily handle your volume and works with single and multi-page files as well. Hope this helps.
Here's a testimonial.
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How many operators are managing the proofing process?

With 300 proofs going out per day, if it takes approx. 1min to raise a proof (manually adding a recipient, linking up an artwork file for background upload etc), then that is 5 hours alone purely spent on raising/sending out proof requests… then on top of that you will need to factor in managing revisions and checking on outstanding proofs etc. This sounds like a major bottleneck to production.

How do you receive orders with this volume of proofs per day? If this was a “web to print” environment, the expectation is that the user creating the artwork will be “self proofing” and the order is submitted without the need for subsequent proofing.

There are of course many options out there for web based proofing systems (either hosted by you or hosted by a provider), as well as Email/FTP based methods that my be powered by Enfocus Switch.

EDIT: I just tested this with the Accura MIS proofing unit and bi-directionally integrated online module:
It takes approx 20 seconds to raise a proof – just click on an order and hit the proof button, then select the artwork file to proof and hit OK (so around half a dozen clicks). The art file is then automatically uploaded to the website and the client is sent an email to follow the link and view the proof and sign off or reject etc. The AccuraOnline system does not have any “click charges” for proof uploads or general bandwidth use, it is unlimited up/down – which is an important part of the total cost of ownership when looking at hosted solutions (disclosure, I am associated with the Asia-Pac Accura MIS in a distrubutor training and support role).

Stephen Marsh
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Hi Mike,

we have developed such a system you need. It is absolutely independent of big-name software companies therefore very affordable. Can be used from any browser, doesn't need any plugins (Flash, Java). It offers version tracking, remarks, content comparison, separation views, proof send-outs etc like Kodak InSite, Dalim Dialogue & Remote Director.

Please drop me a private message if you're interested in a demo.

Peter Nagy
Colorcom Media

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