Prosetter Kodak Violet plate


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Hello to all .

I have some problems with this plate, i can´t linearize correctly . The dot changes on all the plate .
For example if i measure one plate with 50 %, i get differences of 6 % from the left ,middle and right side .

The temperature the oven it´s correctly, i get 110 ºC-115ºC on all the plate, but why this plate is like that ?

With the AGFA plate there is no problem at all, perfect .
The processor is from Glunz-jensen .

What can be wrong ? It´s the plate ?

All the Best

Jorge Azevedo


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Clean mirror first.
What is laser power, that you use for Agfa / Kodak?
Do you use correct safe light?



Hello, I have heard this problem before on kodak plate...

May be you can try this:

1) Make sure the plate mount correctly on the drum at prosetter (stick to the drum)
sometimes the vacuum not strong and the plate have gap between the drum thus
out of focus...

2) Imaging 50% tint at the plate and process through the processor.

3) Use a sponge with developer and rub the plate coating surface (whole plate)
around 10 sec..

4) Measure the dot percentage at whole plate. If the dot is around 50%, then
the Prosetter is OK. If still get big tolerence, then may be the plate (if you
say no problem on the Agfa plate..)

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