PTR 8600 (Fuji T9000) electric board problem


Dear friends,

we have Fuji T9000 (PT-R8600) and one electric board doesn't work, it doesn't make any response, no any information from it. All the parameters show "0" (null).
Seems the software is cracked.. We suppose maybe we will need these files to download the software:
1) 64chwrite.exe
2) 64ch_v203.MOT
3) 64ch_v121.MOT

How can we diagnose the board?
Will be very thankful to receive any comments and help on it.

my e-mail is:
skype: ha-pooh


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Excuse me for delaying but I don't have yet all the information, I am looking for.
This card is called 64LD-CPU2 and it's located on the Recording Head Unit.


The part number of Screen is S100006570V00 and it's name is PCB 64LD_CPU2.
It is controlled by a PowerSupply called PAA600F-12 of 12v. Check if this voltage is right.
The data contained on this board is located in the following Service Menu:
Input Parameter/RH Parameter
Generally these machines came with some sheets with this parameters, because the Laser Power references are storaged on them.

I am not sure, for a while, how can you diagnose this board, but you can start checking the powersupply of 12v because this is the first step.

I am looking info for this problem.

Good look.

Tony Blanco


Hello, Tony.

Thank you for your reply. We have checked the voltage, all is right.
Anyway, the parameters show "0". Our technician is trying to find the solution.
I will keep informed


The engineer has checked and said that need to change the boards.
Here are its parts numbers:
1. 64LD_CPU2
Part code: S100006570V00, Index No.: F0263T-140-01-00

2. 64LD_DRV
Part code: S100006569V00, Index No.: F0263T-140-02-00

3. FES3 100016539V01

Is there any chance to repair it or need only replace it?

Who can offer such boards? We are ready to buy used workable boards.
Or we can buy a head unit of 8600. The mechanic condition doesn't matter, we need electrical parts workable.

Please send me your offers here or by e-mail

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