QR auto fill a form


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I've been asked to make promotional qr codes that when scanned would enter the (about 400) users info in a form for a contest. Anyone have experience doing that? What's the best (free/cheap) way to do that?
I've made qr codes, but never like that.


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My thought is to create a unique number for the user data then create a barcode for each number.
This gives you a unique url that is parsed at the website.
When the user hits the 'barcode' website it connects to the user data and fields populate, ie - the database record gets returned to display for that user.
Sounds like more of a web coding problem than a QR code issue.


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This makes my head hurts. My kneejerk reaction would be to tell the person no, however, It is technically not that difficult to do.

You'd have to make a unique QR code for each user that includes the user id number in the url the QR code is associated with (something like www.blah.com/form?user-id=000) Then use a database query to pull the info and populate the form. You could probably get someone to code this for you relatively cheaply since it's only a couple hours work for any competent programmer.

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