Quark pdf turns weird when converting color in Acrobat


I have received a pdf made in Quark 9.3.It is to be printed on uncoated paper so I have to take down the total ink coverage to acceptable levels. I do this using Color Convert in Acrobat (10.1.9), it is an operation I do several times per day and has been doing for years without problems, but of course the overwhelming majority were med by InDesign. But this time… When converting colors it removes shadows, and on a picture of a white snowflake on magenta background the background gets 40% cyan where there previously were none. It really destroys the original like I have never seen before. Looks like a bug to me. Is this "a well-known error"?


For conversion I use our own ICC-profile for uncoated stock, set to relative.


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I've been using various standard profiles with Acrobat XI and I cant duplicate the problem. I also see no issues with the PDF that should cause any problems.

Can you post your profile?

Stephen Marsh

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I can’t reproduce this error using Acrobat 10.1.9 Mac/Mavericks and a standard F28 or ISO Uncoated profile…

However, there is no need to reduce total ink on the example page that you supplied. TVI perhaps, but not total ink… So I presume that this graphic on the bleed edge is common to all pages, whether or not they have content that is over the ink limit?

It is possible to only select the offending over ink limit images and convert them without converting the entire page or document. How many pages are in the document?

In your Acrobat Preferences/General/Colour Management - what is your colour engine?

Stephen Marsh
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I submitted just one page just so you all could see what was happening. The error occurs when you change the full document, which is about 35 Mb. I have since converted the document using various standard profiles, and they all produced the same result except for Eurostandard Uncoated which produced a perfect result. I also tried changing the rendering intent to no avail. And when I tried to optimize the document using Acrobat´s Save As and ticking away all boxes except Pictures, that took away the snowflakes altogether… The document is too big to upload here, but if anyone is really interested I will forward it to your ftp or mail.

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