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Question about dongle...


Hello, a friend had a fuji ctp damaged, no interest in repairs, so he offered to me his XMF V6 dongle, but he dont have the setup installation CD only password and dongle serial, so the question is, should be easy to find the right version of software for that specific dongle? fuji can send the right software to a 2nd owner? if its for V6, doesn matter if software its 6.x.x.x ?
thanks in advance


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Blax, thank you for your message, my customer has the server running Windows 2003 with Rampage Systems RIP and a PCI Card to connect to CTP and dongle, so we will need probably a used RIP complete, I mean, Software RIP, Dongle, cables and interface card or blue box interface and to be installed at least in Windows 7.

I appreciate your mail, and if you have something else please let me know.



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