Quick Master with envelopes


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We are taking on a customer that wants us to prinr a lot of envelopes. My first question is will an Astro Envelope feeder work on a Quck master. Second problem is when running A7 envelopes the flap keeps getting snagged going into the press and causes it to dog ear. Any suggestions on how to eliminate this or is it best to feed from the flap side as the gripper?


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the flap is probably getting caught on the separater finger. bend that side out of the way
you can get the short form wheel and run the a7 flap in.to the gripper depends on the a7.
is in atleast a 70# envelope.


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We run both 70 and 24 lb. I have the gear side finger out of the way but I think it is the sheet separator that is causing the problem. I have it in as far as it will go but maybe I can take it out. I dont know what you mean by the short roller? All of the envelope attachments are gone. They were given away before I started because the press operator never used them. I am hoping an astro envelope feeder will get rid of a lot of limitations. A2 are too small and I cant used the extended tail springs Feeding A7 flap first makes the envelope too small and I have the same problem where I cant use the extended tail springs and the envelope gets too tight on the feeder board. With the astro only one envelope is going to the press at a time.

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