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Rampage Transparency


I am having trouble with my Rampage ripping some files. I am currently running Rampage 9.2 and created the design in InDesign CS4. I have a file that has a Picture above a box which is 4/c, and have the company's logo with a 15% Opacity going between them one every page (This is a 12pgr) i noticed that on the picture the transparency is fine but once it goes down to the 4/c bar it is 100% white. I went ahead and send through high res PDF's and it fixed all but two pages. I have tried everything i can think of (placing the PDF into InDesign and making EPS vise versa, merging layers, rotating, etc). Does anyone else have any


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Hi Lutzie32,

I would export the file for InDesign as a PDF/X-1a. InDesign will then flatten the transparencies and layers for you. Or, if you have existing PDF artwork you're placing, you could try flattening in Acrobat to PDF/X-1a first and then placing in InDesign.



Got it to work...here the file was given to me as a "Spot White" and with the change to paper it worked. Thanks for the help everyone

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