Ranpak Introduces A Sustainable, Paper-Based Thermal Liner


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Ranpak Holdings Corp—sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions—has launched the RecyCold® climalinerTM, a paper-based thermal liner that maintains products’ ideal temperature range for up to 48 hours, and is both recyclable & sustainable.

According to the company, ClimalinerTM’s thermal liner paper is thinner & more flexible than existing technologies with equal thermal performance, resulting in a solution that enables multiple configurations and box sizes while maintaining cold temperatures—reducing food waste and improving cost & sustainability.

ClimalinerTM supports 3-distinct temperature ranges, spanning ambient products kept near room temperature, chilled products typically stored in a refrigerator, or frozen products below 0°C/32°F, representing critical shipping requirements across the fast-growing mealkit (ready-to-use meals), online grocery and specialty foods segments.

With an estimated 30% of all food world-wide, wasted annually, ClimalinerTM helps tackle the food waste problem by providing effective cold chain packaging without contributing to plastic pollution. The liner also offers an attractive, paper-based solution that provides positive customer branding. For information about other, paper-based packaging solutions, visit www.ranpak.com.


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