Re: "Unable to create the output directory" error in RIP


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Re: "Unable to create the output directory" error in RIP

Hi All!

I had this issue last time and the tech logged in and fixed the issue but I can't remember all the steps he made. Perhaps I'm missing something. This is on the Kodak EVO rip to the Platesetter. Apparently, if my memory serves me correctly, it had to do with the Production Hot Folders. I went into tools and made sure that they were all mapped (flaming icon on the folder) yet everything I send still errors. Has anyone gone through this before and can suggest where to look next? Thank You!


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Does the folder name it is trying to create have any of the following characters in the name - “ # @ ! $ % & * { } : \ / ‘ ?


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Hi MattG,

I've not heard of the workflow you are asking about so my suggestions/questions are a total shot in the dark:

1. Have you checked permissions on the necessary folder(s)?
2. Assuming the production hot folder is a share on the local system, specifying the destination folder in the form of \\SERVER\SHARE versus c:\folder\folder\folder\ sometimes works better.
3. Is a user name and password already specified to allow for the data to be written to the production hot folder?
4. Can you manually copy a file to the production hot folder?

I doubt this is helpful but worth a shot.

Best regards,


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This actually has to do with our Print Console computer but it doesn't delete files after it send to the platesetter. We periodically have to clear the folder of old files. So the problem you get is, Prinergy can't create a file or folder because the destination drive is full. This might apply to your situation.


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