Reader Service Numbers in Acrobat 8


Many of our customers still insert reader service numbers over their advertiser supplied pdf files.
This involves usually placing the customer ad in either Quark or InDesign, adding the RS number, and then re-exporting or re-distilling.
Is there an easy way to do this in Acrobat 8 without re-frying pdfs all the time.
I've tried copying and pasting text to the desired location of the pdf, but inevitably I'll end up with a font editing or encoding error before I'm finished.


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Re: Reader Service Numbers in Acrobat 8

If you have a few standard ad sizes, I'd automate that with template files that have a form element, fill it, flatten it, and then merge it with something like pdfmeld or activePDF Toolkit. Tie the automation scripts to hot folders for each ad size. Throw the incoming PDF files into the appropriate folder and the completed ones poop out into your workflow.

Form elements can only have Helvetica or some other standard font, but if it is just a number, who really cares what font it is ?

If I need to pass customized info to the hot folder script ( your "reader service number" ), I just add "__<variable> to the end of the file name, and then my automation script uses grep to pick that up for that file.


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