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I had them run a sample business card today with "thermography" and you are correct - it left a lot to be desired. I really am impressed with the silver and gold though - really looks metallic / shimmery. We saw a sample using clear and I wasn't blown away, maybe because it was done on a coated stock and I felt like you could hardly tell it was there. What have you found to be the best use of clear?
When we had the 1000i we used clear for logo overlays as security feature. Don't try to do clear on dark colors, it doesn't even show. I will say the Ricoh C7210 clear stands out more than Xerox. Plus the colors are ALOT cheaper than what Xerox raped us for. I got 5 special Ricoh colors for less than 1 from Xerox.

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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