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We are searching for a plotter to print out blueprints, die lines, and proofs. It needs to integrate with ESKO Automation Engine. We had an HP Designjet that worked well-just got old. We have an Epson UltraChrome but that is a little too nice for our everyday needs. Toner or inkjet-based? 36"roll and quick. Any preference?
If your HP DesignJet "that got old" worked well, then why not get a new (or newer) HP DesignJet? Hard to beat the reliability and consistency of HP DesignJet plotters and prices have fallen, not gone up. I don't know how old your previous DesignJet plotter is/was, but a new "comparable" model will likely cost less than the previous one did.

That said, if you have a high volume of output to do, you may want to consider one of the lower-end HP PageWide XL models.


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Agreed-the HP was great...from 1997!!!! The problem is, I just found that Esko has a very specific list of printers they support so my question should be re-posted in the Esko forum. We just need a content proofer not contract or mock-up.
Thanks for the response.

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