Recommendations for corner stapling machine?


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Existing Process: We currently print 8.5in x 11in jobs 2-up and cut down to the 8.5in x 11in size and then run them through our Xerox j75 machine for 3-hole punching or corner stapling. Running them through the bypass tray doesn't cost us any clicks - just the time to walk-in and put another small stack in every few minutes.

Problem: The j75 is going back at the end of the lease and our two Versant 2100s do a massively bad job on corner stapling/3-hole punching (at least 20% of any job gets miss-punched or misses pages in a stapled set). They've tried to fix it and haven't been able to do it so we just don't try to do corner stapling or 3-hole punching on them. When the j75 goes away we will need something that can reliably corner staple larger documents (between 20 sheets and 50 sheets).

Solution? I know you can do corner stapling on offline booklet makers but we aren't really wanting to shell out 10k to 30k for a machine just for that purpose and we don't really have the room/need for a standalone booklet maker yet.

My internet searches for something that you can set a stack of preprinted documents into and have it corner staple a specific number of sheets are coming up blank. Does anyone have recommendations on a machine that does just that?


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We’d have to hand feed each set. We already have multiple staplers that can be used in this fashion. Looking for something where you can set the stack in, select the number of sheets and have it feed staple and spit it out and then do the same with the next set.

Idk why I assumed this would be a thing easily found. 🧐

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