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Hi again

Sorry if I did not make the workflow clear. The GMG proofing systems at the printer are theirs. We and they control my using the Fogra Media Wedge and the visual monthy checks. The print suppirs are responsible for the calibration of their systems. However we have tested and agreed all the methods and controls they are using.


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Re: Remote Proofing

>My 44" Z2100 is pretty steady. I do once a week re-cal but I am using Isis and do it myself. It doesn't drift more than 3.x dE.

Is that 3.0 and average of all patches? Seems a bit high for weekly calibration actually. Our Epsons rarely deviate more than 1 delta E from the target...and usually around 0.6 to 0.8 delta E for the printer calibrations from week to week. If the average dE deviated too much in a week's time, we'd have to run more frequent calibrations, and although not hard with the HP Z series, paper and ink costs add up.

>I used to do the automatic calibration at night with build in i1 but it was using too much of the paper

That's something I hadn't thought of...the size of the charts and how much paper and ink is consumed during the recalibration process. Amount of paper and ink used with charts formatted for the internal i1 might cost more than offline measurement with another chart reader?


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Re: Remote Proofing

Oh no. I should be more detailed. I set my max acceptable dE value of all patches to 3.0 and I get 3.8 as the worst. It usually is 3.3 - 3.6 but sometimes it's all good (green). Max acceptable dE average is set to 1 and very rarely goes over 2. It usually is 1.4 - 1.8. To tell you the truth I have more problem with max acceptable dL values of K. I set mine at 0.75 average and 1.0 value. But as it's K only sometimes I don't bother if it's a bit over 1. Now, I do not have printers in clean room with perfect filtered air stable temperature and humidity.

Internal charts are huge because of honeycomb pattern even for TC3 (6" by 44") - lot's of ink and paper.


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Re: Remote Proofing


I just printed and measured my tc3 and I've got 0.78 dE average, 2.46 dE value, 0.72 dL average and 1.69 dL value. As you can see dL values is too high as it suppose to be below 1.0. That's the usual case with my Z2100.


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