Replacement UPS for Ryobi 525XX


The UPS(battery backup) on our Ryobi 525XX has died(replacing the battery did not solve the issue). Does anyone have a source for a compatible replacement? We tried an off-the-shelf UPS, but that did not work. The UPS this uses does have and use a serial connection to the press controller and the replacement we tried had that connection, but it did not work. We do know the issue is the UPS because we pulled one from our 524 and that did work.
So, if anyone has a source for a compatible UPS, or knows someone who can repair a failed UPS that would be greatly appreciated.


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Are you sure it's a serial connection?

If it's connected with an actual serial connection, it's likely going to take the same model UPS for the communications to work. I know many industrial UPS boxes have a 9 or 25 pin connector that looks like a serial port, but many of them are just discrete dry contacts designed to wire to PLC inputs for UPS status monitoring.
measure the +5Vdc for the Microprocessor or CPU, and clean very well the contacts for battery, with isoprophyl alcohol to 100% for fastes dried. Use the same tipe of battery+same voltage. Otherwise will not work. Retight all ribbon cables, and clean with i. alcohol. of course you must turn -off the machine. let dry, and after you go and turn on.
back to me if the problem persist

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