Results from the 3rd drupa “Global Trends Report” show positive growth


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This series of reports is based on surveys of a panel of about 750 printers regarding the state of the global printing industry, and expectations about its future, during the 3 years leading up to drupa-2016.

Some 37% of printers described their current condition as good, with 12% as poor. Looking ahead, printers were more positive, with 50% expecting improvement, compared to 6% expecting deterioration.

The report found that digital technologies are growing at 28%, and sheetfed offset is seeing significant growth in 2 areas:
publishing (+ 7%) and
packaging (+12%).

In packaging, flexography (+18%) and gravure (+3%) are also growing.

The ability of digital to print variable content is important, with 59% of functional printers and 35% of commercial printers reporting that more than 25% of their digital volume was variable. The full report will be released in English prior to drupa-2016.

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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