Ricoh 7110 problems


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Trouble is with banner tray the tail edge of the paper or board is still in the feed tray when the front end hits the registration part so the tail end is skewed as it comes through.
Only way they can fix this is by fitting a bridge unit making sure the tail is clear of the feeder unit before front registration. We did (Deactivate Image Position Adjustment" under the advanced settings of the paper catalog to "on' to improve the oversize sheet registration) and that improved feed and registration.

Hi Brunswick
I have the same banner tray fitted to my Pro c9110 and when I tried this the backing up on 300gsm silk went from poor to crap. The best solution I found was to switch off skew detection on tray 3 and make sure I load the paper very carefully. After adjusting the front to back alignment on the fiery I can get the leading edge crop marks bang on and about a 1mm drift on the trailing edge crop marks, which over 650mm on a laser machine with no gripers or side lay I think is pretty good. Although on 400gsm silk it can go out to 2 - 2.5mm at which point I may have to balance it, ie drop the front down 1mm or if its very tight on the cut print one side the turn it over by hand.
It all depends on what is commercially acceptable.
Really should have something in the profile where people are, that would help, I think that got lost with the change in forum software as many other things were lost as well.

That explains why you had different power requirements for your install.

There should also be something to identify posters that have a vested interest in a companies hardware or software. I been hearing a lot of complaints about Ricoh and their service.

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What about Profitability?
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