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Another week on and a ton of teething problems including the fiery randomly spinning the last sheet in a book or calendar 180 degrees. The biggest bug is the paper jamming as mentioned on here buy a couple of other guys, mainly caused by the most stupid design in the history of digital printers. Between the main unit and the feed trays and the delivery units paper jams across them so you can't pull out the trays in the main unit, normally you can get at the sheets from each end and remove but not on this baby. It has built in rollers to turn which is supposed to clear the paper away, however they don't work. We are also having registration issues with the back edge jumping around. All recommended stocks from the Ricoh library by the way. And don't start me off on how white the white toner isn't, somebody must have said lets not bother making it opaque so it shows the Colorado of the paper through easily. Anyway print quality is nothing short of exceptional! And that is the reason worth sticking with it!


We are 2 weeks in from our install and I have got to say it is a beast. We have had approx. 6 jams in two weeks and it runs all day long perfect. We came from a Xerox 700 so to have prints come out straight and in fit is something of a novelty...

We did have a patch update which cured the last page rotation thingy,
White shot is deffo a two pass process as it is not strong but registration has been good.

Toner usage is high we ran 3500 SRA3 posters today mainly magenta and it took 70% of the cartridge..

In all we are a litho house and this is taking care of short run stuff so 2 weeks in 6 jams and 20k on the clock we are very happy.

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What about Profitability?
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