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I have a Ricoh 9210 which I love but.....having an issue with the output tray, this is the output tray that attaches to my plockmatic. So depending on the stock is how much it will hold....
for 19x13 100# cougar uncoated white cover will only do 196 sheets - then says tray full...less then 3"!
13x19 100# gloss text will only do about 500 sheets - about 3"...the stack on the plockmatic here is how much it will hold...and when printing collated sets of any paper stock when it starts the next set and its like it doesn't shift and jams the entire machine!!
This is holding up production and causing jams that are just because of the output tray. I will say that I have a 7110 and a 7100 that both have the same output trays and it is not a problem on those machines!

Tech has replaced some motors (not sure what) and problem still exists so I am now told he will need to make is so it says full sooner so it stops before jamming but for a production machine not being able to send over 200 of the heavier cardstock or 500 of gloss text at a time is an issue.

Any ideas??? TIA



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Replace the technician. I ran a 9110 with a Plock and never had such issues. Ran a full stack. That looks like the 5110 finisher, which should have about 14 inches of travel, or 3,500 sheets of 20#.
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you can increase the capacity in 0663 adjustment settings for operators. the default setting is based on the paper weight and size, 200 sheets of the 13x19 cover are about what I am getting too.

for the jam issue, since you have the plockmatic finisher, so the finisher output tray is removable, make sure you put it in the right spot, it will cause overload if it is off center.


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We have that tray, as well as a stacker, on our machines. Ours will stack about 12" of gloss paper, but if you run more it says there is a mechanical fault. Our tech says the solution is to change a setting to allow less volume. It just seems to be a limitation of that component. The stacker is great, but I miss being able to see what's coming out.


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I have the same issue on my booklet finisher, the 7110 holds so much more, guessing they limited it on the 7200 due to having issues with weight. I don't have that 0663 option on my 7200 with the booklet finisher.

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