Ricoh Introduces Plant-Based Sustainable Ink for Graphics & Packaging


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Ricoh Introduces a Plant-Based Ink targeted to graphics & packaging. The ink is a derivative of oil-based ink created for décor printing as part of Ricoh’s collaboration with German equipment manufacturer Olbrich. It was developed to deliver excellent rub resistance and set-off performance for corrugated brown & white boards, as well as carton board.

The plant oil component creates a sustainable & environmentally-friendly ink:
  • Quick drying—heat is not required to fix or dry.
  • The oil penetrates porous substrates leaving the pigment near the surface.
  • Reduces energy consumption & eliminates the need for a drying system.
  • Odor free with improved food compatibility—no monomers are used.
  • Biodegradable—supports deinking.
  • Non-water based—biocides are not required to keep the ink usable.
  • Easier to clean & less likely to clog print heads as ‘open time’ is much longer.
  • Enhanced jetting reliability, performance and printhead life.
  • Low ink consumption—the same optical density is achievable using 50% less ink.
Now available across EMEA. For more information visit

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