Ricoh MP 5404ex Weird Screen Issue

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone on here has seen this issue, the engineers are stumped (just telephone support, so far).

Video here, for visual folk (apologies for my droney ol voice :) )
Machine been fine, i've been printing from USB, because the printer driver I have (MAC), doesn't show any paper weights, and means I can't print into the machine from the computer. (I've got a semi workaround, where I'm printing into the machine now using 'last settings used').

But, when I touch the screen, it's just in a mode where it's moving the icons and not allowing them to be selected.

1. I've turned machine off and on ( :) ) Few times, and just comes back up with the same thing
2. I've cleaned the screen, I figured maybe there is some dirt on their, causing this. (but no joy)

I wondered if somehow its got into a strange mode? Is there anyway to factory reset the screen maybe?

Thanks a million in advance


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