Ricoh Pro C5200s PCU Code Issue


Time to swap the PCU on the C5200, but a little confused at why I am getting limited message and options on my machine.

The service message is telling me to Replace Cleaning Unit for Photoconductor Unit. No problem, I have the parts in shop and not too much of an issue. But a little confused at why:

1) The service message is only saying Replace Cleaning Unit for Photoconductor Unit (Typically it designates K or CMY swap if I remember and per the manual, why is there no specific designation in the message this time?)
2) When logged in as full machine admin under the skilled operator menu I can no longer find [0305 Reset Replaceable Parts Counter] Button. Why did this setting disappear when all other Adjustment Settings are still here? I don't remember changing any settings that would cause this issue. Unless my memory is wrong.

Any experience would help. Maybe I am missing something because it has been a long day.


Update for future reference.

The operator/user replacement settings were out of whack in service mode causing the notification issues.

Don't try to do repairs on a Friday evening when you are tired! Wait until Monday unless you're in a pinch and knock everything out with a fresh mind in about half an hour!

Also remember to cap your units before pulling them out for repair/cleaning/inspection or you'll end up with toner and grease in your coffee.

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