Ricoh Pro C7100x Print Problem

Hello everyone, I am having a problem printing a job on a Ricoh Pro C7100x. The job is printed using the banner print tray (tray 3). The job when imposed is larger than 13 x 19.2 inches so this rules out using other trays and printing duplex. The paper stock I have tried is Sappi Galerie Art Matt 130gsm, although I have tried 150 gsm Matt, 170 Matt and even 150 gsm Uncoated stock. I print the odd side of the job which is 14 pages (2up imposed), using 175 dot and text and HQ Fuser setting at 1200 dpi. This prints fine. It's when I try to print the even sides, it will not print. It always gets jammed after the fuser unit (please see attached image). The Ricoh engineer was in, he suggested that the odd pages were curling slightly and that I should not print the even sides straight away. I tried this, not printing the even side for at least 30 mins, and also tried many other paper stocks and settings, including adjusting guides etc. It always has the same result, the odd side prints, the even side always jams. Does any expert out there have any idea why I cannot print the even side? Thanks in advance.


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I've solved this second pass curl/feed problem by using a sublimation press to heat and decurl the feed edges of extra long sheets right before feeding them. A drymount press would work too- heat the first 4 inches paper to 150 degrees f for a minute or two. The stacks in the heat press were about 1/4 inch in height.


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Iron a few sheets' feed end without steam at 150 as an experiment, though that approach is not efficient for an kind of production. You may get answer from another forum user here too in the next few days.


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Have you tried just rough handling the sheets to curl the opposite way. Sort of "break" the sheet a bit more especially the corners.
I know its not ideal but used to be a solution with older machines which ran hotter.


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For kicks and giggles I would try turning off the j080 detect and paper skew in the paper advanced setup and see if it runs through. Also try adjusting your fuser temps.
We have the same printer and have had the same issue from time to time. As silly as it sounds this is what we do and seems to work every time.
When re-loading the tray - especially if there is still sheets in it, load as normal then grab ALL the sheets and pull away from the front of the tray at least 4 inches. Push the sheets back in, replace the paper back stop and print. Again, I know this sounds like "standing on one foot with you tongue sticking out..." but it really works for us.


We also have the same machine and have experienced this problem, we find leaving the sheets overnight works for us, of course you could also have a problem with the tray feed tyres getting old.


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The jam code (J099) you are getting is a double feed jam. So either you are actually having two pieces of paper stuck together or the machine thinks there are. If there are not two pieces together in the machine at jam removal then it is a simple matter to just turn off double feed detect in the paper library for that stock, to prevent false detections. If there are two pieces, then why that is needs to be addressed. Fanning the paper to break up the mechanical bonds is the easiest first step. If you have a feed tire type LCT then you may have worn feed tires. Most likely it is an air feed LCT, so adjusting the fan levels in the paper library entry for that paper, to suit the conditions of the paper at that time, is an easy adjustment. It should be adjustment number 124. Another common problem is the side fences are either not being positioned around the paper properly, or the fences are damaged by mishandling, and they are bent so that they don't sit up against the paper correctly to allow the air flow to do it's job, of feeding the paper.

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