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Due to covid and drop in business of books we wish to divert to rigid / hard boxes. We are looking for small quantities of 500-5000 a lot, with production of 500 a day. We will be newbies. Are there any ready dieline resources? What are the software and equipment required. We have a motorized gluing machine, Polar guillotine, rotary board cutter, cover thermal laminator. Punching dies and printing will be outsourced.


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Hi! It is a common problem for beginners. They are undecided and do not know where to start. For sure, everything related to industry and mass production must be mechanized. To make 500 boxes a day, you don't need the most wow packing machine. An average one at an affordable price is enough. I also worked for a while in the industrial field, and there we used the packing machines from Used Process and Packaging Equipment For Sale at Kitmondo – the Used Industrial Equipment Marketplace.These manifested themselves very well throughout working with them. They worked quickly and without interruption at the most inopportune moment.


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We are considering a v grooving machine (flat bed type because they can groove mdf and don't curl the board). There are 2 types to my knowledge.
Type 1- Board is placed on table manually . Table moves through grooving blades
Type 2- belts and rollers carry the board through a straight/ flat path through grooving tools.
Anyone having knowledge or experience about the advantages and disadvantages of both? Help requested. Thanks


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We also make rigid boxes, mainly to provide child-resistant cannabis packaging and pre-roll boxes for the canna business, we can produce about 2000 per day. Most of the time, boxes need to be handmade.
About the die-cut lines, yes there are some software that can provide the structural design of the rigid boxes, and only need to input the sizes information to generate the final die-cut lines. If you want to know, I could share it with you, but their language is Chinese.

Small-quantity rigid packaging production usually requires:
1. semi-automatic die-cutting machine (automatic die-cutting machines are not suitable for small-batch rigid boxes production),
2. semi-automatic hot stamping machine,
3. corner pasting machine,
4. V-groove machine,
5. assembly line,
6. assembly machine,
5. other auxiliary machines.

But the most important thing is that compared with the folding card paper boxes, the rigid boxes require more labor (this is due to the various structures of the rigid boxes, so many processes cannot be completed by machines).

Suppose you want to expand your business scope and increase your rigid packaging business. In that case, it is recommended to cooperate with a more cost-effective rigid boxes factory to reduce costs, so that you can better focus on business expansion.

Xiamen USEE Packaging is a company specializing in the production of rigid packaging boxes. We can supply you with various customized rigid boxes, if you want to expand your rigid boxes business, we sincerely welcome you to cooperate with us.
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Sure. Distance, sampling, logistics will be important factors
Yes, the distance is relatively far, but this isn't a big problem, we have long-term cooperate forwarders and provide door-to-door service, you don't need to do anything except tell us what you need.

About the sample, normally our clients also made sample before mass production too, it's convenient for you to make sample with us, we provide service from design, making sample, shipping, so you can just wait in your office to receive the sample.

We provide sea, air, train, and express shipping, and all the options provide door-to-door service. And one more IMPORTANT thing is shipping safety, our forwarders are top forwarders, we provide 100% safety guarantee and purchase transportation insurance for every order.

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Wow, these boxes are absolutely stunning! The attention to detail and craftsmanship is impressive. We not only provide a sleek and professional packaging solution but also serve as a great way to protect and showcase the custom pre roll boxes. The rigid construction ensures that the product remains safe and intact during transportation