RIP/Printing Speed IGEN w/FreeFlo


Good Morning,

We have been printing variable data jobs for many years. We had IGEN equipment with Creo RIP's and sent our variable files and VPS files. That worked very well as far as RIP time on the IGEN and print speed.

We now have two IGEN 4's with FreeFlo RIP's. No ability to send VPS files any longer. The RIP time on the IGEN's is terrible now. I have tried many different settings on the IGEN and well as the way the files are produced during composition.

Is anyone else running IGEN's with FreeFlo and if so can you share what setting you may be using for variable data jobs. Or what you do in composition to speed things up when it gets to the RIP. I am just looking to optimize RIP time to get these jobs through the print process more quickly.

Thank you.

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What about Profitability?
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