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.RLU files


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Does anybody successfully use cmyk look up tables when ripping with Rampage V10 and ripping rgb files? and if so, where do the conversion files reside?


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The lookup tables in version 10 did a decent conversion unless you got into RGB files using sRGB... then they were pretty bad... since that version they have updated the conversion tables significantly. If you are looking for the actual files they are in the Rampage folder on your server... there are also instructions for updating the lookup tables to reflect changes you might make in Photoshop yourself. Just do a search for how to do it in your manual.


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Perhaps memory fails me but I recall the creation of these files requiring a working copy of Colorblind which is relatively ancient software that ran on Mac pre-OSX. Also sold as Barco CobraMatch. Perhaps you could find a copy on ebay for a few bucks.

I never liked the conversions of the canned look up tables. We set our Rips to fail upon RGB and set up color conversions upstream.

The files are on your //ramvol/rampage/system preferences/lookup tables. They cannot be edited in a text editor.

Matt Louis


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You don't need to use colorblind... there is another way of doing it via Photoshop... I don't have the manual handy... but I am sure it is in there... It is a matter of opening up a particular file from the CD and converting it using Photoshop... and then reading it into the rip.


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In the Tech Notes section of the manual is an entry called "Custom RGB to CMYK Conversion"... That area explains how to create your own custom Lookup Table. I hope that helps.
If you can't fimd your manual... a copy of it is on the Rampage install CD.

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