Ryobi 3302 step down transformer 240 to 220


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Currently running Ryobi 3302 at 240 volts. I was told should be around 208 to 220 volts. I was wondering if there is a standard transformer product for the Ryobi. Have seen step down transformers from $35.00 on Amazon to $3,000.00 on Grainger. All different wattages.


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how long have you been running that way . . . american specs for power are 110-120 and 220-240 - I really don't think that 240 will make that much difference . . also measure the voltage when your running several pieces of equipment and see what it really is not what your power company says it is . . . this is just my opinion and worth what you paid for it . . . :)


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Check with a good electrician about getting a buck-booster. The press should run at 208 volts but can be strapped for 220. Electrical repair from running over voltage for extended periods could be expensive.

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