Sales Double—Using 50% Fewer Staff—by Automating Imposition


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California-based Boone Graphics, a full-service graphic design & letterpress studio, specializes in surveys & manuals for the Medical Industry; and prints over 50,000 unique jobs each year.

Boone combines multiple prepress & production workflow solutions, including ESKO’s Automation engine, to control all aspects of the Pre-Production process. By integrating Ultimate Impostrip software into their workflow, Boone went from 6 prepress personnel producing $3.5 million, to 3 people, producing $8 million, annually.

According to Boone Graphics, ESKO’s Automation Engine, alone, did not provide the fully automated imposition solution they wanted. ‘’Imposition became a huge bottleneck in our production flow,’’ according to Scott Tate, IT Director. “We really wanted one solution that could tackle all of our imposition needs for digital, offset, cut & stack for mail and web to print—all without any human intervention. Ultimate Impostrip checked all the boxes


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Sooooo... did they get rid of Esko? They were able to get rid of 3 people that only did imposition? That's a lot of imposing. We are currently using Esko Plato and Automation Engine but we don't do any book work. Plato is weak sauce in my opinion. At a previous shop we used Preps with the Rampage workflow...ahh the good old days. That must have been some bottleneck to be able to eliminate 3 operators and double sales!

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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