Sandwich printing for Indigo


I guys,
we have an Indigo Digital press ws4500.
Few months earlier, my pressman had an idea for a job, doing a sandwich printing.
We end up not doing this because the white wasn't opaque enough, but I couldn't figure out how this works on the prepress side.

My file was printing CMYK WHITE CMYK
I was told to created spot colors for the second set of CMYK, which I did and called them Cyan-Back, Magenta-Back, Yellow-Back, Black-Back in PHOTOSHOP.
The problem that I came across is when ripping the job, the colors are not coming out the way they should be. I have added the new spot colors to my designer book and put them on the right color strategy.
My colors doesn't have the right recipe when coming out of Photoshop, but when coming of Illustrator colors are good.

Bret Hesler

Well-known member
I have not used the technique yet, but I know you need a few hits of white to boost the opacity, and even then it might not be to your liking.
There is a detailed discussion of this process on the Dscoop forums:

Or search "sandwich" in the press-software/rip section.


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