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Hi all!
I joined here a while ago, but now I'm gonna make more of an effort to be here and become part of this community.

Just a lil about me and my company: CompuDoc was a play on "CompuGraphic Doctor." For those of you who also have some gray hair, that means I've been around awhile. Started in this business, in field service in Chicago, back when typesetting machines were blue, and used filmstrips and 8" floppy disks, and no one ever heard of Agfa.

Like it says in the signature, we do prepress electronics. I do some service calls, rip and imager installs, and a lot of sales and phone support. We have others who do most of the service calls.

Anyway, i'm here to drum up business, and I'll do it by belonging here. Helping when I can, learning, listening, and joining in.

As far as what help we can offer, well:
I'm pretty good with Harlequin Rip's, been working them since v2 on dos, several hundred systems sold, installed, and supported. Inputs. Xitron, Highwater, and compose outputs, mistsubishi, esko. Trapping, all versions. Color management, proofing, Xitron Rip Manager workflow.

As for hardware, I can fix any film system manufactured by Agfa, Autologic, or ECRM. Again, a big part of my jobb is working with customers on the phone, troubleshooting problems and preparing to send in the service techs with what they need to get it done. We also do processors from all the major manufacturers.
And lots of other stuff. Poly platesetters from Esko, Mitsubishi, and Printware.

For you newspaper guys, Autoologic 3850 film and 3850 ctp, and autologic and Agfa Advantage ctp.

Anyway, sorry to drag on. Hi to all, nice 2 meetcha!

Jim Mellema

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