Screen Platerite 8100 Banding


We have this strange banding on plates, which is more visible in solids. This effect is in entire plate, despite plate brand. Any Help on this?


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Hey Kandy,

You noted your platesetter but not the plate material or what screen ruling you are using.

Looks a bit like focus or vacuum problem but would be easier with more inof.



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Hi Kandy,

Based on the image, the following things come to mind:
1) Something is physically blocking the laser that exposes the plate as the streaks are consistent, so maybe check the optical path for dust.
2) I have seen banding like this when a driver for a laser had a bad buffer
Hi theShaft, thanks for the reply. We are using Kodak plates. We tried using a chinese plate as well but same problem comes up. We use Kodak Developer well as Technova Developer.

I think I have changed the focus values some time back.

DR} I have to check on buffer, screen technician is out of the country for 3 weeks so have to wait for dust issue.

Can I know how focus values work?

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