Screen PTR 8300 Error E517c PH25 sensor illegal.


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Last few day it gives this error after it unload the finished imaging plate and start loading the new plate to prepare for imaging.
If I only load 1 plate and not put 1 more for standby into machine, it work ok.
Today even I just put 1 plate and not putting 1 more for standby, it still cannot work and give this same error.
The error something related to it check the drum whether got plate or not before it start loading it into drum and due to something that I dunno the machine/sensor found there is something at there and refuse to load the plate into drum.

Anyone can help on this.?
Clean sensor? clean something that sensor reflect? clean drum area that it check?
Any 8300 service manual and photo for the area to clean?
Is that ok to disable the PH25 so that it can load the plate?
Urgent need help.
Customer need the plate and now machine cannot image due to sensor problem


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Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 14.57.44.png

Check sensor cable . It may be broken and clean the optics very well.


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I found out the problem, 1 of the PH25 sensor which model is FSV21R the preset value lower than current value. Raise the preset value more than current value then it can work. Don't know why suddenly the value can out as it had use so many year without problem. Thanks


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13 minutes ago
These are the messages appearing on my Screen PlateRite4100 CTP machine.
Can anyone kindly support me to clear error.
Thanks for your support.
Kind regards,
Aaron Francis Sesay


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Check 5v power supply and its connections...maybe damage wires of faulty power usually happens when initializing the maybe there is some poor connections on the power supply or the power supply itself is faulty...


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Usually -5V cable going to the head is broken.
Easy check: measure cable impedance with DMM or measure voltage on PS and on the head under load.
I had to replace the cable in a few machines because of -5V error.
-5V PS error is rare.

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