SCREEN Sponsors 2nd Webinar Dedicated to Inkjet Printing


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SCREEN Americas is sponsoring an educational webinar on the benefits of inkjet printing. The upcoming, free webinar—the 2nd in a series—will occur on November 12, 2020—at 2pm EST. Focus will be: The Economics Behind Investing in an Inkjet Press. SCREEN’s high-speed inkjet product manager, Aron Allenson, will lead the webinar.

The webinar will address printers’ concerns pertaining to operating costs versus potential ROI when acquiring an inkjet press. A page printed on different printers won’t carry the same costs. According to Screen, “The goal of this webinar is to help printers navigate through any apprehension they may have by answering as many questions as they have.”

The webinar will help educate printers on how to calculate the TCO by identifying key cost factors. Topics to include:
  • The role of productivity & profitability as it coincides with running speed & press downtime.
  • Considerations regarding workflow, quality control and color management will also be addressed.
  • Printers will be able to engage in a question and answer session during the webinar.
To register, go here

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