Screen Truepress 344


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I've talked with the Presstek guys and got a price on the 34 DI. Anyone have an idea what the Screen Truepress 344 costs before I call and get all the hounds at my door, might save me a bunch of time. I'm talking a general comparison to the 34 DI, is it less or more or about the same?

banjoman in NC
Re: Screen Truepress 344


If you let the Ptek sales weasels in give the screen pros a chance. At least call them.
Pricing on a DI varies as does the cost of the plates etc. The 344 is a viable option to a Ptek 3404 now.
And worth a look and demo. Ptek is NOT the only game in town any longer.


Michael Fry

Re: Screen Truepress 344

If you are still in the market:
we have a Presstek 5634 DI up for sale.
call me at 304-744-7949 (WV) Michael Fry
around 1 mil impressions.

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