Seeking Automated System for Merging Work Orders


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case sample:
I get an order to print 2 boxes on a die I already own, so I immediately prepare a work order.
The next day I get a second order where I will use the same die cut as before, and I create a new work order.
problem1 :
if I realized this earlier I could make one work order by merging the two and saving money.
problem 2:
Now you elevate the problem from before to N, because it happens to me a lot.
final thought:
I need an automated system that notices these cases and suggests how to optimize production.

Does anybody know any way to do it?

Stanislav Rakov

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Is there a production management system? Where do the orders come from and is there a structure where these dieline are represented?

Stanislav Rakov

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Not at the moment, but I'm just looking around to get an idea.
I don't know of any ready-made solutions that analyze and memorize contours and compare them with current jobs that have just arrived and are already in the works, but it can be written as a separate service.

But feeding it by hand all the contours is the same as comparing them visually, it should be some kind of order management system, to which this service can be attached.

What type of products are we talking about ? Boxes, labels ? Offset or wide format printing ?


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oh, they enter them by hand.
for now they have an old as400 management system, but my inquiry is much more general.


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