SGIA Workshops for Screen Printers in April


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This April, SGIA is offering three popular programs for screen printers at their Virginia headquarters—open to all skill levels. Through March 6: SGIA members receive a 25% discount.
NOTICE: The deadline to register for all April classes is Friday, March 6.

Courses offered:
  • Screen Making: Basic to Advanced—April 6-8, 2020—Printing excellence begins with the right screen.
    • This workshop combines real world experience with supporting theory.
    • Beginning with the most basic methods and progressing to cutting-edge technology, attendees will master the “how” and “why” of making screens for virtually every job and troubleshooting printed results.
  • Art & Separations for Screen Printed Apparel—April 13-14, 2020—In this workshop, participants will be guided through creative design methods to produce eye-popping prints and help unlock the secrets of producing separations for any type of printing.
    • Attendees will learn how to work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop applications to handle simple vector art through more advanced separation techniques like 4-color process & simulated process.
    • The same techniques can be applied to Corel applications for Corel users.
  • Totally T-shirts! Apparel Screen Printing—April 15-17, 2020—Attendees will learn techniques to help produce stunning results.
    • Master the latest, most innovative inks & printing techniques, such as simulated process, water-based, special effects, gels, glitters, foils and more.
    • The full range of training includes:
      • Advanced screen making techniques using the latest high-tech equipment.
      • Artwork & separation fundamentals.
      • Press setup & registration.
      • Critical facts for using plastisol, water-based discharge, special effects, and silicone inks.
      • Parameters for proper flashing & curing.
      • Advanced printing techniques (simulated, four-color process, special effects).
      • Production tips & tricks to increase efficiency, throughput, and yield.
For more information or to register, visit:

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