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Looking at getting a small 2nd hand perfect binder. Most likely a Horizon, Duplo or Morgana. (I have to have access to to support, so needs to be a well know brand with back up in this part of the world). Definitely not Chinese. Only doing small volumes
I have heard that some have problems with coated stocks? Does this come down to the type of glue? PUR, EVA? what is the difference? Another potential issue is amount of use. As I'm only a small printer there could be relatively long periods (weeks not days) where it is sitting idle. I have heard they do not like this? True/false?
Does PUR or EVA glue make a difference to this issue. Is there a 3rd option on the glue front?
Also there seems to be two major configuration/shapes A lot of the very budgets ones are a box like shape. (photo one) the more expensive ones are a coffin shape. photo 2. Differences? I'm guessing the box ones (photo 1) are very manual.
Your help is much appreciated. Thanks Simon


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We bought a Sterling Digibinder a few years back. We are happy with the purchase. Like you it does sit for weeks at a time without being fired up and we haven't had a problem so far with that. We have done coated stocks and uncoated with their glue and haven't had a problem with pages pulling out. We do make sure we adjust the inside of the cover so no toner is on the spine as that seems to cause some problems with glue adhesion.

We picked ours up used for somewhere around $2500USD. It needed a good cleaning but everything functions properly.


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PUR vs. EVA: with PUR you can reliably bind coated stock, while EVA must 'seep' into the stock, which isn't going to happen with today's coated stocks. Some manufacturers claim that their glue, which can be handled like EVA will perform almost like PUR. Eg. Sterling offers such excellent material, which of course could be used for other machines as well. The main difference is that PUR must be stored in an airtight canister in the machine or in a detached part where it can't get too much moisture. If it does, the machine will be bricked.

You need the 'coffin-like' binder version, as the other kind can't reliably position the content pages into the spine area of the cover. Also the scraping of the spine is a joke; the box shape machines are for general office use, nothing more.

If you stick with an EVA or EVA-like glue (and a suitable machine), the main factor is that how many times you heat up and cool down a given amount of glue, which is actually in the machine. If you don't use it for a long-long time, it's generally not a problem. But heating up for two books, then heating up for another three books again in the next week... that is a kind of stress for the glue. In our experience after 5-6 cycles the glue starts to get weaker: it becomes unsuitable for coated stock. For uncoated paper, it still can be used.


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Thanks Peter and Alex.

This is all very useful. I don't think "Sterling" have an agency here (New Zealand) but I'm guessing if they are very reliable it might not be an issue.

Seems "PUR" glue is the way to go and wont get the "box" shaped sort.

thanks again. ta Simon


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Fab. I'll see if there is an agent for the "tachoplus" and/or sterling here (New Zealand). ta Simon

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