SmartSoft updates SmartAddresser with 48-Month NCOALink®


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SmartAddresser—all-in-one address correction & postal presorting software from Smartsoft—has launched a new option.

Customers can now get enhanced change-of-address processing using SmartAddresser’s new 48-month NCOALink© service from the USPS. The new service updates mailing list addresses of individuals, families and businesses that have moved within the past 4-years, using data taken from the National Change of Address database. This is an upgrade of SmartAddresser’s previous 18-month NCOALink service.

Around 40-million moves occur annually, and mailing lists can rapidly deteriorate, resulting in costly, returned mail. SmartAddresser’s 48-month look back aims to reduce those errors. To find out more about the 48-month NCOALink service, visit SmartSoft DQ, postal software division of SmartSoft, Inc.

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