SmartStream plugin XMPie fail

Chris Halt

As some of you may have experienced, InDesign docs that were created on computers with the SmartStream plugin installed, cannot be opened by InDesign computers where the SmartStream plugin is not installed.
We want to migrate away from SmartStream altogether and utilize XMPie completely.
We would prefer to not install the SmartStream plugin on computers at all, especially if it is only a workaround to continue to open files in XMPie. Currently we can not even open the InDesign doc on a computer without the SmartStream plugin installed. It simply fails to open.
Does anyone know of a way to disable/strip the imbedded SmartStream plugin info out of InDesign docs, that would then allow XMPie uCreate to open those docs without the SmartStream plugin present?
Any info or direction is greatly appreciated!

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What about Profitability?
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