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Hi All,

We are looking for a print industry software consultant/expert to help us in the selection or development of a new software tool that will help us streamline some processes. I'm wondering if anyone has worked with someone they would recommend or anyone I should avoid.




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Hi Willie,

Could you be more specific on which processes?

I've overseen the development of a few custom applications (client facing web2print and artwork approval) but there aren't too many areas now which wouldn't be well covered with off the shelf software (even if a few systems needed to be bolted together to get the desired result)



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We are specifically looking to stream line our gang run printing. We've seen softwares that come close, but fall short in certain key areas.


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take a look at the metrix software... it's designed for such tasks, it helps a lot especially if it integrates well with you MIS and impositioning software...


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I've supervised the growth of a few customized programs (client experiencing web 2 properties print and paintings approval) but there aren't too many places now which wouldn't be well protected with off the display application (even if a few techniques required to be attached together to get the preferred result)
you literally just restated what Josh said. WTF?


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Well since I provide tech support for EFI Metrix I'd like to take a shot at this. I've spent quite a bit of time automation processes. So send me a PM and we can talk shop. Or you can just email direct to and we can start that way.

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