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Spinjet 1050c Plus - RAMpage v11.3 - Queue Freezing...HELP!


OK...let me start by saying I'm NOT a RAMPage user, simply the IT guy trying to troubleshoot a problem.
I'll describe the issue as best I can as it was shown to me.

First, it seems someone who was trying to 'clean up' our RAMPage folder on the server inadvertently dumped the Printer profile that was set up by the technician when we upgraded to RAMpage 11 and a Windows 7 box for it to run on. (I'm thinking this is the root of the problem if not the entire cause of it)

Once the User at fault saw what had happened and realized they couldn't recover the dumped Profile, they set RAMPage to use the 'old' SpinJet Profile. (the one we were using on the Windows 2000 box prior to upgrade)

We have an Epson 9900 we use for most proofing, but we also need to use our old HP SpinJet 1050c Plus to do imposition proofs (since the 9900 is using coated stock and we don't always like to tape them together to show backup)

The really odd thing about this is that the old profile works...sometimes, but mostly it's problematic. Here's what's happening: (please bear with me here)

When the User hits the 'Do It' button in RAMPage to send a side to the SpinJet it sends the job to the Queue and starts to print. Typically, they should then be able to add the other sides to follow in the Queue and just let it roll. BUT, more often than not it will complete the first job submitted then start the next side or job and then suddenly stop/freeze...no error dialog. The printer will just freeze wherever it's at. At this point the Queue on the RAMpage box says the NEXT job in the Queue is printing after it had dumped the job that froze the printer. But nothing is printing, the printer is locked wherever it stopped. if you look at the RAMPage client machine it also says it's Printing. if you do nothing and wait the printer will eventually spit out a blank about the size of the job that was supposed to be printing. Then nothing will work until we stop RAMPage, Client, printer and restart everything.

This has become extremely frustrating to the operator and had never been this problematic in the past. it seems only since the issue with the Profile removal has this become such a regular occurrence.

If I can recall correctly, the tech who performed the upgrade for us made a comment about having to address that old 1050c with Windows 7, but I don't know how that resolved.

Unfortunately, I'm currently not under a maintenance contract with RAMPage so I'm not sure how to fix this problem.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Well, did you figure out my printer yet!! yeah yeah i know, yer gonna tell me to buy a new one!

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