Split Spreads into Single Pages?

Hi All,

I wondered if there is some hopefully inexpensive software that can do the following:

1. Take a 4 page folded document (in printers spreads), and separate out into single pages (1-2-3-4)

2. Take single pages and impose into printers spreads

I need to do step 1, when I'm converting some printed files into online flipbook versions
and step 2 for single pages that I'm imposing for printing as spreads

I seem to have a distant memory of some PDF plugin (ideally for Mac) that could do this, and not cost an arm and a leg.

here's hoping, as always, thanks a million in advance for your advice



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Quite Imposing. It's relative to what you consider 'inexpensive'. There might be a trial, so you can try first.
Quite Imposing. It's relative to what you consider 'inexpensive'. There might be a trial, so you can try first.
Thanks Keith, I remember that software from my litho days :) . Bit too rich for my blood at the moment, sure its worth every penny, looks like it'll be the manual approach for a while longer :) I'll keep that software in the memory banks.


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Use the trial for a month - it's free! I use it 'quite' a bit (see what I did there :) to resize pages. Like when people send business cards on a pdf page the size of a football field (almost).
Maybe others will have suggestions that aren't so pricey.


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If you have InDesign, you can setup a template for both of your needs (spliting and imposing) and than just replace links every time you need that kind of task, and then print to imposed PDF spreads using InDesign's inbuilt print booklet feature. I did that a lot when i was working on digital machines. It doesn't take a lot of time to do it and no need to buy more software.

There is also this script IDImposer Overview : InDesign Tools. Free for smaller jobs, about 20 bucks for larger load.

Hope this helps.


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If this is always the case, you could check Fiverr and have some write a Python script that will do it for you. And would probably only cost you $20-50 US. Then you will always have it, and no extra software to buy. I've used it for something similar, but it was a one time only project, but it was a LOT of files, and it was well worth the money.


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Not sure if you have Pitstop, but there is a global change or action list (can't remember which) that will split a page in half.

Give Callas pdfToolbox a trail, there are some standard options in the Switchboard, and building a process plan would totally doable.


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